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Want a hassle-free, quick, and informative experience…. whether your time, accessibility to the dealership, or credit profile are a concern. We’ll communicate with you directly without having to travel. The application takes less than 1 minute and you will be driving in 3 easy steps:

  1. Call, text, email, or message your personal consultant
  2. Complete an application
  3. Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and get driving!

As authorized representatives for all the major financial institutions in British Columbia, we work for you to get you the best interest rate and lowest cost of ownership. Serving all of Vancouver Island and parts of the lower mainland. We make getting your new car, truck, van, or SUV easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m far from your dealership?

We serve all of Vancouver Island. Whether you live in Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Sechelt, Ladysmith, Lake Cowichan, Gibsons, Cumberland, Chemainus, Courtenay, Powell River, Duncan, Vancouver, Ucluelet, Campbell River, Sooke or anywhere in between. We can communicate via telephone, email, text and Facebook for most things and please ask about our “out of town” program for our customers coming from other areas. We work with you to make it easy to get you driving!

What if I have bad credit?

We can help. Banks are not surprised by less than perfect credit and our dealership has access to numerous options to get you driving while rebuilding your credit. Remember, “your credit rating is not a reflection of your personal worth – it is merely a credit reporting tool” – Margaret H. Johnson. The good news is you can always rebuild it over time!

How can an auto loan help me rebuild my credit?

When a person has a low credit score rating, it can be very tough to get a credit card or a loan through regular means. Obtaining a car loan is typically much easier. This is because car dealerships have many lenders that they work with. Car loan lenders also know that their loans are secured by vehicles as well. Staying on top of your debt obligations and making all your payments on time will be of primary importance in rebuilding your credit. Getting a car loan and successfully managing the repayment of that loan, along with your other debts, will go a long way towards getting your rating back on track.

What do I need to get ready to secure auto financing?

Each bank has different requirements; some of the documents the bank may want to see are: Government-issued identification, most recent paystubs, proof of residence i.e. utility bill and a void cheque. Not all applications require this documentation but getting it prepared can help to get you approved fast.

What information is on my credit bureau?

Your credit file contains information on all of your credit accounts submitted to the credit bureaus, including balances, limits, payment history; as well as, your identification information, occupation, and employment history. • Inquiries made by credit grantors • Credit history and banking information • Cell Phone payments • Secured loans • Collections • Judgments, foreclosures, garnishments • Credit Counseling, Consumer Proposals to creditors, • Bankruptcies